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February 14, 2012




QUEEN’S PARK – The Transportation Ministry needs to answer questions about the heavy-handed way in which the Presto transit fare card system is being forced on the TTC and the City of Toronto, Ontario PC Transportation and Infrastructure Critic Frank Klees said today.

“A letter dated November 22nd 2011 was delivered to the Ministers of Finance and Transportation, raising concerns regarding the questionable circumstances under which a contract was about to be awarded to the Presto/Accenture consortium to implement the Presto electronic fare card system ” said Klees who hand-delivered the letter.

“The letter asks why the Transportation Ministry, through Metrolinx, was coercing the City of Toronto and the TTC to enter into an agreement with the Presto/Accenture consortium at a cost of more than $300 million higher than a competing bid made by ACS/Xerox,” Klees added.

Klees went on to say that the letter pointed out that the ACS Xerox bid had gone through an open, public tendering process, and complied with specifications set out in the TTC tender document.

The TTC had intended to proceed with the ACS Xerox proposal. This bid would have saved more than $300 million in capital costs along with an additional savings of $16 million in annual operating costs over the 10 year contract - bringing total savings to taxpayers of almost half a billion dollars. The ACS Xerox system would not only accommodate the existing Presto cards in use in some parts of the GTA, but its advanced technology is equipped to accept credit and debit cards at points of entry.

“In December, I raised this issue during Question Period to the Premier. I asked why the Ministry of Transportation was forcing the TTC into a deal with the Presto/Accenture when a better system is available that would save taxpayers more than $300 million."

“My question was brushed aside, but Ontario taxpayers deserve answers".

“Why was the tendering process overturned? Who were the players involved? Why is the Ministry of Transportation forcing the TTC into a more expensive contract? We need answers.”

“It may be Valentine’s Day but Ontarians can’t afford another McGuinty Liberal sweetheart deal,” Klees concluded.

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