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(Auditor General) Report backs MPP’s online plan Dec 9 2010

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December 6, 2010


Auditor General Recommends On-line Organ Donor Registry


(Queen’s Park) On April 22, 2010, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees tabled a resolution calling for an On-line Organ and Tissue Registry, and today Ontario's Auditor General endorsed that recommendation in his Annual Report.

"This is not ground-breaking technology, and is in place in almost every state in the United States and in eight provinces,” said Klees. “Given Ontario's dismal record of donor registrations compared to other jurisdictions, this should be a priority for the Ministry of Health. Giving people the opportunity to register on-line will significantly increase the number of potential donors and will save an untold number of lives.”

During Question Period today, Klees reminded the Health Minister that more than 1600 Ontarians are on a wait list for an organ donation, and that 100 people die each year in Ontario waiting for an organ transplant.

Klees has been a strong advocate of organ donation, and has championed a number of initiatives in the Legislature including on-line registration and making it mandatory to answer a question relating to organ donation when applying for or renewing a driver's licence or health card.

“Hopefully, today’s Auditor’s Report will encourage the government to finally move forward with this recommendation.”  




Hansard, December 6, 2010

Organ and tissue donation


Mr. Frank Klees: To the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care: On April 22, I tabled a resolution in the House that calls on the government to implement an online organ and tissue donor registration. This is not groundbreaking technology; in fact, it’s in place in almost every state in the United States and eight provinces.

Given Ontario’s dismal record of donor registrations compared to other jurisdictions, this should be a priority for the Ministry of Health. Can the minister tell us why Ontarians still, after these many months, don’t have the ability to register their intentions online?

Hon. Deborah Matthews: I welcome the question from the honourable member opposite. He has been advocating hard to increase organ donation in this province, and we are making good success. We know we could do better. In fact, the Ministry of Government Services is working right now to bring online donation to be a reality in this province.

We of course have to ensure that all privacy issues are dealt with appropriately. We’ve done a good job increasing donor registration. We could do better if we had an online donation possibility in this province, and we’re on our way to getting there.

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you. Supplementary?

Mr. Frank Klees: It’s been literally months since the minister appointed a working group on this. Some 1,600 Ontarians are on a wait-list. More than 100 people in Ontario die every year while on that wait-list.

The Auditor General has made Ontarians’ organ and tissue transplant program a target of his audit, and I’m sure the minister will probably be informed by his report. Will the minister, today, undertake that this will in fact be identified as a priority for her ministry, and will she tell us today what her target date is for implementation of an online registry for Ontarians?

Hon. Deborah Matthews: I think it’s important to acknowledge the work that has been done when it comes to increasing the number of transplantations in this province. In fact, we’ve increased by 50% the number of transplants since 2003.

As I said in the first question, we can do better when it comes to registration. We are hopeful that this will be up and running by next year. Some time next year, people will be able to go online and register their willingness to be a donor, should that occasion arise.

However, people should not wait for this enhancement. They can go online today, access the form, send that in and their wish to be a donor will be registered. So, now in our hospitals, we have 24/7 look up of registered donors, and that increases greatly the likelihood of—


April 26, 2010  Video available here April 22, 2010  Video available here

   Make On-line Organ Donor Registry

a Priority


(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees is keeping up the pressure to make registering as an organ donor as simple as going on-line.

Klees tabled a resolution last week that calls on the Minister of Health to create an On-line Organ Registration link on the Service Ontario website that would allow people to register as organ donors using their OHIP number.

Today, Klees called on the Minister during Question Period to support that resolution and to direct her Ministry to work with the Trillium Gift of Life Network to implement the system.

"Registrations in some jurisdictions are as high as 80%, but Ontario lags far behind at 17%," said Klees. "But when asked, more than 90% of Ontarians say they would be willing donors. The problem is our cumbersome and antiquated registration process that still requires forms to be mailed in or to physically go to a Service Ontario health card office.”

Klees insists that what he is proposing is a practical and cost-effective way to dramatically increase organ donation.

"We know that one person dies every 3 days waiting for an organ transplant and that 1,625 Ontarians are on a waiting list, anxiously awaiting the call that an organ is available," said Klees. "This should be an absolute priority for the government.”

Petitions in support of an On-line Organ Donor Registry can be downloaded from Klees’ Constituency website at:


MPP Proposes On-line Organ Donor Registration


(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees wants to make it easier for people to register as organ and tissue donors.

Klees tabled a resolution in the Legislature today that calls on the government to "expand the opportunity for Ontarians to register as organ and tissue donors by creating an Organ Registration link on the Services Ontario website which will allow Ontarians to register as organ donors on line, using their OHIP number, and that the registration will be filed in real time on the OHIP database.”

Prior to tabling the resolution, Klees pointed out that "the well-intentioned wishes of many who have signed a donor card will never be known or acted upon.” He pointed out that simply signing a donor card, without having that intention registered on the provincial registration database, greatly reduces the chances of that person ever being considered as a donor.

"If the government is serious about increasing the availability of organs and tissue for transplantation, then this is a practical measure that will make it convenient for people to register and will also ensure that they're listed on the provincial donor registry," said Klees.

"Making donor registration available on the Service Ontario website, that allows for a real-time link to the provincial OHIP database using the OHIP number, just makes good sense. The convenience will increase significantly the number of potential donors and will also ensure that those potential donors will be available to medical teams accessing the OHIP registry.”

Ontario lags behind many jurisdictions in organ donations.  There were 1,615 Ontarians on the wait-list for organ donations in 2009.  In that same year, 95 Ontarians died while waiting for an organ donation while 691 lives were saved by organ donors.  One organ donor may potentially save up to 8 lives and enhance the lives of up to 75 others.