Frank Klees

Press Release

For immediate Release                                                                      June 14, 2011

Klees Welcomes On-line Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

"At long last" said Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees in response to today's announcement that Ontario residents will be able to register as organ and tissue donors on-line.

Klees has been calling for an on-line registration system for years, and has repeatedly challenged the provincial government to make it a priority.

The website, was launched today and will enable Ontario residents to register their intentions by filing the appropriate information using their Ontario Health card.

"I will never understand why it took the government this long to put an on-line registry system in place," said Klees. "This was not only something that I have been calling for, but was recommended by the government's Panel on Organ Donation as well as the Auditor General."

"While this is good news for the more than 1,500 patients on the wait list for organ and tissue donations, we will never make up the lost time for those who never got the call that an organ was made available."

Klees recently issued a challenge to all MPPs in the legislature to join him in a campaign to raise awareness about organ donation, pointing out that Ontario lags far behind most other jurisdictions in the number of people registered as potential donors.

Click here for details about the challenge.


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