Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                                    September 30, 2008


KLEES Calls For End To VIVA Strike


(Queen’s Park)  Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees today made the following statement in the Legislature regarding the continuing VIVA strike:

“Mr. Speaker, given the Premier’s stated commitment to fairness, I call his attention to a situation affecting thousands of York Region residents that has gone unnoticed and largely ignored by his government. 

“The VIVA strike is now into its sixth day after more than 160 drivers walked off the job on Thursday September 25th, leaving over 35,000 commuters without public transit that vitally connects them to their jobs, schools, and many other critically important activities and services.   Yesterday, the Minister of Labour revealed that a provincial mediator will begin talks with VIVA drivers and management … starting tomorrow.

“I contrast this approach by the McGuinty government to that involving the TTC strike in April when the Liberal government stepped in after just two days to pass back-to-work legislation.  Yesterday, the Labour Minister commented that that TTC strike warranted such immediate intervention due to “extraordinary circumstances.” 

“According to him, the same suffering that York Region residents will have endured for a full week before his mediator begins talks with VIVA - and without any definite timeline in sight for an end to this strike -somehow becomes transformed into a set of “extraordinary circumstances” when one crosses the municipal boundary into the City of Toronto.  

“Mr. Speaker, I want to impress on the Premier and his Labour Minister that commuters in York Region deserve no less consideration than TTC commuters, and call on them to send a clear message that this transit strike must end.”



Frank Klees, MPP


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