Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                   October 16, 2008



(Queen’s Park)  Today in the Legislature, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank cornered a defensive Minister of Economic Development on his ministry’s handling of government support programs for Ontario businesses.

Klees raised the issue in response to complaints from local businesses about complicated applications to access the programs, expensive and repeated audits and lengthy delays in getting decisions from ministry officials.

“The Member is trying to play gotcha,” barked the Minister.  “My response to the Member is, you’re right, the public accounts will in fact be able to answer your gotcha question . . .”

“Bizarre, is the only way I can describe the Minister’s response today,” said Klees.  “What prompted my question was growing evidence that funds announced months ago to great fanfare are not finding their way to the businesses they promised to help.”

“When business owners need a lifeline, the last thing they expect is to be strangled by government red tape.  And the Minister should not be defending the failure of his programs,” said Klees.  “He should be doing whatever it takes to fix the problem and to ensure they do what they were intended to do – namely, to help small and medium sized businesses keep their doors open and jobs intact.”

To view the “Gotcha” Question Period exchange on video, click here.



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