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For Immediate Release                                                                    October 6, 2008


MPP Raises Local Business Concerns at Queen’s Park


(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees today reminded Premier McGuinty of a pre-election promise he made just a year ago to work with small and medium sized employers to improve the way government deals with them.

Klees quoted from one of many letters he has received from employers in Newmarket and Aurora to make the point that rather than helping business owners during these difficult times, government agencies and their staff are making matters worse.

"While Ontario businesses, including mine, struggle to cope with high fuel and energy costs, a strong Canadian dollar and intense foreign competition, we are further undermined by the heavy-handed enforcement arm of government."

The letter, signed by a number of business owners in Aurora and Newmarket, went on to say that "regulations continue to multiply, imposing ridiculous cost and use of time on small business.”

Klees called on the Premier to reign in government agencies and their army of enforcement staff and "redeploy them to help business owners deal properly with the rules rather than slapping them with orders, fines and penalties that will force them out of business.”

Doug Simon, the District Manager of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business brought the issue to Klees' attention a few weeks ago. "I am grateful that Mr. Klees is raising this issue in the legislature," said Mr. Simon. “As I meet with independent business owners in York Region, there is a growing frustration with the amount of regulatory burden and its necessary time involvement.  Considering the challenges of fuel prices, the high Canadian dollar, and the slower economy of late, they find that the current provincial government is insensitive to these problems and is focusing on regulations, fines and penalties rather than on helping solve problems that they face.”                                                                                                  -30-



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