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Have Your Say  !                                                      


"If you don't get involved in the political process, you are destined to be governed by those who do".

Anyone who has ever looked at my business card has seen that quote.  It's there because I believe it is more than a trite saying. I believe that active engagement of the electorate in the political process is the very foundation of our democratic system of government.  To abdicate that responsibility, is to undermine democracy itself.

I was recently asked what I thought was the reason for people's cynicism towards politics.  My response?   People's apathy and lack of involvement in the political process.

If people were engaged in the political process, they would know that they can have a say, not only in who represents them, but in determining policy priorities and in the allocation of their tax dollars.  The more people disconnect from politics, the less influence they have on outcomes of elections and on the decisions their governments make.  And it only stands to reason that the less influence people feel they have, the more cynical they get about politics, politicians and government at all levels.

Have Your Say

That's why I have arranged for each household to receive delivery of a survey in the next few days entitled.... "Have Your Say Ontario". 

I encourage you and your family to complete this survey and return it by mail or deliver it to my constituency office.  You will have the opportunity to register your opinions on a variety of issues, prioritize allocation of tax dollars and make specific recommendations as to policy priorities.   If the questionnaire does not include the issues you believe should be considered, please feel free to write in your proposals.  As your representative in the legislature, and as a member of the PC Caucus, I will ensure that your views are included in our policy deliberations.

I also want to encourage you to become involved in the election process as we head toward the provincial election to be held on October 6th later this year.  Of course, I would welcome your support as we begin to plan our re-election campaign, but if your political principles are not aligned with mine, I encourage you to engage with the political party of your choice, and get involved.

I look forward to receiving your comments on the "Have Your Say Ontario" survey, and as always I invite your questions and comments either to my website at where you can also find a link to the survey if you prefer to complete it on-line, or you can call me at 905 750 0019.

Frank Klees, MPP