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Frankly Speaking March 1, 2011


Stop the Government Waste !


Over the past number of weeks, every household in Aurora and Newmarket received a survey entitled - Have Your Say. Through that survey I asked you to share your thoughts concerning the issues that are affecting you and your family and asked for your advice on how we can improve government and the services it provides. I want to thank the many constituents who not only took the time to complete this important survey, but also provided valuable advice on issues beyond the scope of the questionnaire.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the results of the survey in this column, and am dedicating this column to the one issue on which there was overwhelming consensus. 


Stop the Waste and Duplication


In response to the question on what government should do to deal with Ontario's growing debt, the vast majority called for government to stop the waste and duplication.


This was also the most recurring theme for those who elected to write additional comments into the survey, and it was helpful to receive specific examples of how tax dollars were being wasted based on the observations of people just going about their daily business.


Tell Me About the Waste


In anticipation of the next provincial budget, and the challenge we will face meeting the needs of Ontario families in the face of a looming deficit, it's more important than ever that we identify and eliminate wasteful government spending.


I and my colleagues in the Official Opposition have a responsibility to hold the McGuinty Government accountable for its actions, and to present a clear alternative to the wasteful spending that has become a hallmark of the current government. That's why I'm once again, asking for your help.


Government Services


Whether it's accessing government services such as renewing licences or OHIP cards, inquiring about homecare, accessing healthcare or applying for job training programs, I want to hear about your experiences. If you've been frustrated by the service or lack of it, or have seen the waste first-hand, please tell me about it and give me your advice on how the delivery of that service could be improved.


Regulations Strangling Small Businesses


A recurring theme in the survey was the burden of regulations and time- consuming reporting and filings that are required of small businesses.


“Ontario bureaucracy is too big and too expensive. Bureaucrats have too much power. The nanny state is becoming a totalitarian state" wrote one constituent.


I want to hear from small business owners about specific regulations that are causing you frustration and unnecessary cost. Tell me about your experiences with inspectors and auditors, and specifically, I want to know about the mind-set of the public servants who visit your place of business..... How "civil" are the civil servants with whom you come into contact? Do they approach their job with an attitude that they are there to help you or do you feel intimidated?

After all, you and your business are paying the public service salaries through your taxes, and you deserve to be respected for the contribution you are making to your community and to the economy.


We want to find ways to make public services and the public service more responsive and more efficient. That's why your input is so important. 


There is some urgency to hearing from you on these issues, as I want to include your advice in my pre-budget submissions to the Minister of Finance.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Please send me your comments by email through my website at or by fax to 905 750 0050.


The mailing address is:

14845 Yonge Street, Suite 201, Aurora L4G 6H8