Frank Klees

Press Release

        March 21, 2011          


Letter Ignored By Premier Turned Into MPP's Statement in Legislature

(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees today did what his constituent asked him to do. He read a letter to the Premier from his seat in the Legislature - a letter that his Newmarket constituent, Doug Mossop said the Premier refused to acknowledge.   

Klees was contacted by Mossop after several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Premier to register his concerns over the impact of the HST, rising electricity bills and the future security of energy in Ontario.

"It's one thing for the Premier and his government to tax hard-working people to the brink, it's something else again for him to ignore them, " said Klees. "At the very least, people deserve to be acknowledged when they let him know how his policies are affecting them.”

Pocket-book issues like spiraling hydro and home heating bills, the cost of gasoline and the added burden of the HST on every day living expenses are top of mind issues in Newmarket and Aurora, according to a recent survey conducted by Klees. 

"Ignoring the reality of the McGuinty government's policies on the ability of families to make ends meet, is not only irresponsible, it shows how out of touch the government is with the average family in this province," said Klees.

"I want to thank Doug Mossop and others who are making an effort to be heard by the government. It's regrettable that they are being ignored.”



Frank Klees, MPP

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