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Article by Frank Klees, MPP
As published In the Auroran
July 17, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Medals Awarded

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. This makes her the second longest reigning British monarch after Queen Victoria, whose diamond jubilee was celebrated in 1897.

In a world fraught with political and economic instability, it is truly remarkable that any monarch would survive 60 years. What is even more significant, is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II enjoys the highest personal approval rating of any public figure. This, despite the tumultuous decade of the 90's  when marital separations, indiscretions, the death of Princess Diana and public questioning of the relevance of the monarchy were daily topics in the world media. Through it all, the Queen carried out her royal duties with dignity and re-assuring confidence. She continues to be a symbol of stability, not just in the Commonwealth, but throughout the world. We can't help but be inspired by her resilience and commitment to service.

To celebrate this Diamond Jubilee, Ontario is presenting outstanding Ontarians with the Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of their contributions to our province and to our country.

As a Member of Provincial Parliament, I was granted the privilege of nominating fourteen individuals to receive these medals, and this past week, I had the honour of presenting those medals to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to making our community and our province a better place.

We are proud of them and their accomplishments.

Each one has made .....and continues to make,  a difference in the lives of the citizens of our communities, of our province and of our country.

Whether through outstanding accomplishments in business or industry, dedication to community service, leadership in public service at various levels of government, or selfless and courageous dedication to ensuring our continued freedoms through military service.

Each recipient is a true reflection of Her Majesty's legacy. Some of the recipients will be recognized because of their public persona. Some names have never been mentioned in any media reports and may only be known by those whose lives have been touched by their selfless acts of community service.

Join me in thanking these outstanding citizens of our province, now recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal......

Suzanne Bolton, The Honourable Rose Boyko, Robert B. Callow, Corporal Denny Choe, Ernie Crossland, Dr. Shahid Hashmi, Gary Hicks, Steve Hinder, George Marcello, Derek Murray, Gustav Schickedanz, The Reverend Canon Shea, Michael R. Springford, Ron Wallace

I want to thank the family members and friends of the  recipients who joined us at Queen's Park for the medal presentation ceremony. It was truly a memorable event.

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