Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                                               November 4, 2010    

Air Transportation Missing Link in Province's Transportation Plan

(Queen’s Park) PC Transportation Critic, Frank Klees pointed out a glaring gap in the province's transportation plan in the wake of the announced closing of the Buttonville Airport in York Region.

"The Buttonville airport hosts more than 170,000 flights annually, mostly corporate flights essential to the economy of the GTA,” said Klees. "The province of Ontario has a responsibility to ensure that we have a comprehensive,  integrated, multi-modal transportation system. To ignore the impact of the loss of a major regional airport is irresponsible.”

The Buttonville Airport not only services the GTA's growing corporate air transportation, but is also an essential facility for a number of public services such as air ambulance, the OPP and RCMP. It is scheduled to close within five years, but there are no plans for an alternative.

"For the Minister of Transportation to deflect responsibility by saying this is a federal issue shows a lack of understanding of transportation planning," said Klees. "It's disconcerting that air transportation is nowhere to be seen in the Ministry's transportation plan. Regional airports should be an integral part of the province's transportation and economic development plans.”

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