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                                                       March 30, 2011


Frankly Speaking : The Premier Shrugged April 12, 2011

Frank Klees Says Ontario Families Need Relief from Tax and Spend McGuinty Government

March 30, 2011 QUEEN’S PARK—Following the tabling of the McGuinty government’s budget yesterday, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees said that the out-of-touch budget cements what the Ontario PCs have been saying all along: Dalton McGuinty can only be counted on to do two things, raise taxes and increase government spending. 

Klees warned that the spending increases in Dalton McGuinty’s pre-election budget are only half of his typical spend-and-tax pattern. “The other half will come later when he’ll be forced to raise taxes again to pay for the fact that he refuses to cut out wasteful spending,” said Klees. “We saw this pattern after the 2003 campaign when he brought in the so-called health tax, and then after the 2007 campaign when he brought in his HST tax grab and eco tax. In both election campaigns Dalton McGuinty solemnly promised he would not increase taxes.”

Here are some facts that Klees shared with his constituents:

  • Dalton McGuinty has added more to Ontario’s debt than any other premier, despite bringing in the largest income tax increase (the so-called health tax) and the largest sales tax increase (his HST tax grab) in Ontario’s history. 
  • During his eight years in office, Dalton McGuinty has increased government spending by 70 percent, during which time Ontario’s economy grew by just nine percent.
  • As a result, Ontario’s debt has increased by 73 percent under Dalton McGuinty to a whopping $257 billion. He is currently on pace to double Ontario’s debt by 2012.
  • The McGuinty Liberals will spend $16.7 billion more over the next 12 months than they get in revenue. That gets added to the debt.
  • They’ll continue to spend more than they take in until 2018 and the debt will keep increasing.
  • The interest alone on the provincial debt this year will be $9.527 billion.

What’s good about the budget?  According to Klees the commitment to implement the mental health strategy recommended by an all-party committee is something he supports. The bottom line, there’s no relief for the pocket book issues like skyrocketing hydro bills, heating costs and gas for your car.  According to Klees, with this budget, Dalton McGuinty gave Ontario families a shrug and showed just how out of touch he is with Ontario families.


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