Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release

March 20, 2013


Health Minister

QUEEN’S PARK – Health Minister Deb Matthews was contradicted by the new Ornge CEO today when he confirmed that Ornge would be running a deficit of $2.5 million. The revelation came when Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees questioned Dr. Andrew McCallum at the Public Accounts Committee about the financial health of the Air Ambulance service that has been under the scrutiny of the committee since March of last year.

“At least we can count on the new CEO to tell the truth about what's going on at Ornge," said Klees. "Deb Matthews still has difficulty doing that. For the minister to insist that the more than $2 million in so-called performance bonuses would come out of the existing Ornge budget when that's simply not true tells us that there may be a change at Ornge, but nothing has changed in the minister's office."

Following the testimony by Ornge CEO Dr. Andrew McCallum, Klees expressed concern that Matthews hasn't learned from the painful lessons of the past few months. When asked if  the minister had called him to get an update on the operational and financial status of Ornge since he was appointed CEO, McCallum said he had not heard from the minister.

“Minister Matthews and this government have yet to learn what oversight responsibility and accountability means,” Klees concluded.


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