Frank Klees

Press Release


January 18, 2013


QUEEN’S PARK – Newly released documents show yet another example of wasteful spending and a complete failure of the Liberal government to properly oversee how precious healthcare dollars are spent, Ontario PC MPP Frank Klees said today.

“The depths to which Ontario Liberals will go to advance their party and avoid accountability is beyond belief,” Klees said, referring to a conspicuously late document dump of 3,000 pages of  expense reports late on a Friday afternoon that expose how former Ornge CEO Chris Mazza spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on jet-setting first class trips around the world and expensing everything from interest on his credit cards, to high-end wine for staff dinner parties at his house and $8 bottles of water.

"Matthews is still trying to artfully defend the indefensible" said Klees. "After refusing for months to even acknowledge there was a problem with the way Mazza was running Ornge and refusing to grant a parliamentary investigation, patient care was compromised.

"Dalton McGuinty refused to hold Mathews accountable for net lack of oversight and it looks like the new Premier will be walking in his footsteps" said Klees referring to the release of the documents on a Friday afternoon - suspiciously timed to coincide with a leadership speech being given by Sandra Pupatello, Kathleen Wynne's main rival for the leadership. "A convenient coincidence, given Deb Mathews' support for Wynne" said Klees.

"All six candidates for Liberal Leader hold responsibility for the lack of oversight and wasteful spending and they all owe Ontarians an explanation as to why tax dollars have been wasted on lavish expenses while the rest of the Province deals with a jobs crisis.

“The only way to hold these Liberals accountable is to bring back the House on February 19 and immediately reconvene the investigation into Ornge,” Klees concluded. “Taxpayers deserve full disclosure of this abuse of tax dollars, lack of oversight and most important, putting patients at risk."