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November 28, 2012

PRESTO ! Province Announces Its Next Scandal

TORONTO - Today's announcement by the Ministry of Transportation and Metrolinx, that the PRESTO fare card will be implemented in all TTC subway stations and on all buses and streetcars, is the next scandal to break at Queen’s Park compliments of the provincial government, according to PC Transportation Critic Frank Klees.

"Today's announcement is nothing more than public confirmation that the TTC has been coerced into an agreement with Metrolinx that will prove to be costly for taxpayers and an endless frustration for commuters," said Klees.

Comparing PRESTO to the billion-dollar eHealth scandal, Klees warned that PRESTO does not have the technology it's says it does to implement the seamless fare card system, and predicts that millions of tax dollars will be poured into developing a system that already exists in the marketplace through other vendors.

"Here we go again. This government just can't get it right when it comes to procurement" said Klees. “This is a multi-million dollar project that should have been put out to an open, public tender. Instead, with great fanfare, we're told that PRESTO gets the deal without having to compete for it."

What are the terms? How much will it cost tax payers? How does the government justify sole-sourcing a deal of this magnitude that puts the taxpayers on the hook for untold future costs?

Klees said these questions and many others need to be answered, but with the legislature shut down there is no way to hold the government accountable.

Of particular concern to Klees, is how the Ministry of Transportation and Metrolinx can have any confidence in PRESTO, given its embarrassing attempts to implement its system in Ottawa, which ultimately failed and cost the tax payer $3 million in penalties.

"The OC Transpo fiasco in Ottawa should have been enough to make the government pull the plug on PRESTO. But rather than recognize that this is an organization that's out of its league, they reward it by committing millions more to a business that's doomed to fail" said Klees. "There are far too many unanswered questions about this deal.”

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