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December 9, 2004


Mr Frank Klees (Oak Ridges): "'The pollution is just horrendous. You can't breathe,' said Geoffrey Long, a resident of Cascade Court, east of Gamma Foundries." That is a quote from the Richmond Hill Liberal on December 5.

Over the past two years, I've worked with Richmond Hill Councillor Arnie Warner, Ministry of the Environment staff, the Town of Richmond Hill Bylaw Department, and residents of the Newkirk Road neighbourhood in Richmond Hill, with a view to help determine the source and to eliminate offensive odours emanating from Gamma Foundries in this neighbourhood in Richmond Hill. Following studies conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, it is absolutely conclusive that these odours are indeed emanating from this foundry.

I've brought this issue to the personal attention of the Minister of the Environment. I now have a letter from her which, unfortunately, is not very helpful. After reviewing the details of the issue, she simply concludes by saying, "MOE staff will continue to work with Gamma Foundries to abate the odour problem."

People in this neighbourhood have not been able to walk outside to enjoy their own property as a result of these odours. I am calling today on the Minister of the Environment to take absolute and immediate steps to ensure that these odours are put to an end; that the appropriate orders are issued to this foundry to ensure that the neighbours in this neighbourhood can in fact have rightful enjoyment of their property.