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Klees Welcomes Government Bill to

Curb Street Racing April 12, 2007


(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees welcomed the McGuinty government's announcement today that it would be introducing legislation to get tough on street racing.


Klees has been calling for legislation to empower frontline police officers to issue on the spot license suspensions and vehicle impoundment ever since constituents Rob and Lisa Manchester were killed as the result of a street racing incident in May of 2006.


"I welcome this announcement. The only regret is that it has taken the government so long to get around to taking action on this," said Klees, who attended the announcement at the Safety Village in Whitchurch-Stouffville. The announcement was made by Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Transportation, Donna Cansfield. Also in attendance were Chief Armand LaBarge and members of the York Region Police Services.


In making the announcement, Premier McGuinty acknowledged the efforts by Klees on the street racing issue and his influence in shaping the government's legislation.


"I want to thank Frank, and I want to acknowledge the leadership role he has assumed. He has taken a keen and active interest in this, he has put forward some very positive proposals," said Premier McGuinty. "I want you to know, Frank, that you have had an influence for good on the policy that we are announcing today, and I thank you for that."


Klees pointed out that the Liberal government has failed to include an important prohibition against nitrous oxide connections in vehicles driven on public streets or highways and intends to propose an amendment to the bill prior to final passage.


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Street  Racing Act, 2006 Bill 122


March 14, 2007

Street Racing Walkers Call on McGuinty Liberals to Act Now

Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees today welcomed Adrienne Seggie to Queen's Park at a media conference on street racing. Adrienne's son, Matthew, was killed in Hamilton in November, 2006, by a street racer. Adrienne and her family are now on a protest walk from Hamilton to Ottawa to push for tougher penalties for street racers.

Klees, a former transportation minister, also took the opportunity to call on the government to do more than just talk about the issue, and to immediately implement his private member's Bill 122, "An Act to Enhance Safety on Ontario's Roads and to Empower Police Officers to Shut Down Street Racing," introduced by Klees on June 7, 2006. full press release

June 22, 2006

Despite an eleventh hour appeal by Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees to get the Street Racing Bill passed before the legislature recessed for the summer, the McGuinty government refused to enact the legislation. details

June15, 2006

Liberals' Street Racing 'Dog and Pony Show' Insult to Victims

Liberals' Street Racing 'Dog and Pony Show' Insult to Victims

(Queen's Park) "Even the serious issue of street racing and the resulting loss of life and life-threatening injuries, could not overcome the Liberals' addiction to their 'Dog and Pony Show' style of politics," said Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees after observing the staged crushing of cars that were used in a street race. "Where we should be today, is in the Legislature putting into law the provisions of The Street Racing Act , not participating in yet another photo-op".

The Oak Ridges MPP and former Minister of Transportation charged that the Liberals are more concerned with partisan politics than with exercising their responsibility to deal with the growing incidents of street racing. He was referring to the Liberals' denial of a unanimous consent motion which would have ensured quick passage of The Street Racing Act, 2006. The motion was thwarted when a number of Liberal MPPs voiced their opposition.

Mr. Darcy Merkur, a partner with the firm of Thomson, Rogers, representing the victims of the recent Mississauga road racing accident, expressed shock and disappointment over the Liberal Government's unwillingness to support and fast track The Street Racing Bill proposed by Klees. " Unfortunately the families of the victims cannot be here to express their disappointment with the Liberal Government's inaction as they are occupied with their loved one's recovery."

When he was advised of the Attorney General's media event in the wake of the Liberals' position on The Street Racing Bill, Mr. Merkur stated, "while the victims of road racing are pleased to support any event to raise awareness of the dangers of road racing, they would ask that the Attorney General immediately support Mr. Klees' proposed legislation that will empower the police and our justice system to deal decisively with those who put the lives of innocent people at risk and will help deter this reckless conduct."

The Street Racing Bill empowers front line police officers to issue on-the-spot licence suspensions and to impound the vehicles of anyone suspected of engaging in street racing. It provides for fines up to $2,000 and 6 month jail terms for convictions, and bans nitrous oxide fuel systems that are connected in any vehicle driven on a public road.

"I am hopeful that following this demonstration of the Attorney General's awareness of the street racing issue, that he will convince the rest of his Liberal colleagues to put aside their partisan politics and support the quick passage of The Street Racing Bill," said Klees.


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Empower Police to Shut Down Street Racing

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees tabled legislation today to shut down street racing. The Street Racing Bill, 2006 which received First Reading today will empower front line police officers to issue on-the-spot licence suspensions and vehicle impoundments to drivers they have reason to believe were involved in street racing.

The Bill also bans the connection of after-market nitrous oxide fuel systems on all public streets and highways and provides for fines of up to $2000 and jail terms of up to 6 months for convictions.

Klees has accused the McGuinty government of failing to act on legislation that he introduced in May of 2003 when he was transportation minister. That legislation was interrupted by the provincial election and was never reintroduced by the Liberals.

Klees introduced the Private Member's Bill in memory of his constituents Rob and Lisa Manchester and in honour of their seven year old daughter Katie Marie Manchester who was orphaned when her parents were killed in an alleged street racing incident in Richmond Hill on May 27, 2006.

"We can't legislate responsibility, but we can ensure that there are serious consequences for anyone who is willing to put innocent lives at risk. Street racing is a serious threat and our front line police officers need the authority to deal with this issue." said Klees during introduction of the Bill.

"We can't bring back the lives of victims, but we can, and must send the message through our actions as legislators that street racing is illegal, dangerous and unacceptable in Ontario ".




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Street Racing Round Table a Positive Step, Klees

Bill 122 does NOT ban nitrous oxide systems-see my letter responding to article by Jim Kenzie

Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star

June 3, 2006


Liberals Can't Shake Partisan Politics!

"Even the serious issue of street racing and the resulting loss of life and life-threatening injuries, could not overcome the Liberals' addiction to putting partisan politics ahead of the public interest" said Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees following the denial by the government benches of his request for unanimous consent to accelerate passage of legislation to shut down street racing.

June 14, 2006


June 7, 2006

Press release:

MPP Calls for Action on Street Racing

June 1, 2006 here