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March 24, 2009 Resuming the debate adjourned on March 5, 2009, on the motion for second reading of Bill 152, An Act respecting a long-term strategy to reduce poverty in Ontario

"...I would submit to you that if this government was serious about dealing with poverty in this province, they would have had a plan when they were first elected in 2003. It is today 2009, and every time issues are raised in this House about the dire straits of people, whether it's people in poverty, whether it's children who are not being served with regard to mental health services, children with autism-against whom the Premier broke his promise-every time that we raise an issue in this House, this government has nothing to say other than to blame the previous government of 15 years ago. Given the opportunity, they would blame Sir John A. Macdonald. This government refuses to take responsibility for the actions that they have failed to take since their election in 2003." Klees.

September 30, 2008  I'm pleased to rise and participate in this debate on Bill 77.

I want to approach this debate from the standpoint of my constituents whose lives this bill was intended to improve. Those are people with developmental disabilities and their families. I want to say at the outset that I regret that I will have to vote against this bill on behalf of my constituents, who when this bill was first tabled by the minister were very optimistic, as were we in the official opposition, because it was a long time coming that this act that addresses the issues of people with developmental disabilities be revised and brought up to date and that there be legislation in place and programs in place that in fact create the kind of independence and integration into our communities that people with disabilities deserve.

I want to end my comments by calling on the government to do this: to revisit the intent as stated in the legislation, to take a very clear look at what it is that they promised this House when they brought in the legislation. I would ask them to revisit the 66 amendments that our caucus put forward, that our critic put forward during those public hearings with the support of families across this province. I would ask them, before they close the books on this and vote in favour of a piece of legislation that in fact is incomplete, that will entrench a bureaucracy that will do nothing to help people in this province, that they give it a second sober thought. I would ask that they then, on a broader basis, give serious commitment to developing a social services and health growth plan for the province of Ontario that takes into consideration the needs of people in this province, especially in high-growth areas where the gap between the need and the actual service continues to widen. It's a serious gap that only the government of the day has the power to address. Surely, when this cabinet and the Premier look at all of the programs that they agree to fund every week in their cabinet meetings, they can prioritize this program that deals with the most vulnerable in our communities, people who cannot help themselves, and take the time to consider those needs first. When they do that, then they can, in good conscience, talk about a fairness principle.

December 6, 2007 Ontario Financing Authority's irresponsible handling of public funds

"...How often has it been in the last four years that we've implored the government to meet the needs of autistic children in this province? On the one hand, the government says that no child should be left behind, that every child should have an equal opportunity for an education in this province, but somehow children with autism and other children with special needs are left out of that definition of this government's "all." Now we have a situation where the government has $200 million less to allocate, whether it be to children with autism or children with special needs or other needs in this province, because of a lack of oversight on the part of the Minister of Finance, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the fiscal management of this province is in fact in accordance with very clear legislative prescription." Klees.

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Frank Klees, Education Critic for the Official Opposition

Advocates for Services for Children with Autism

While a member of the Official Opposition, I has served as Critic for Education. On the education file, I have been a strong advocate for children with autism, special needs programs and the need for stable, longterm funding of the education system.

Preceeding the last election campaign in September 2007 I had been actively advocating on behalf of autistic children and their parents in my role as PC Education Critic,. I had repeatedly raised the issue in the Legislature and I had condemned Dalton McGuinty for breaking his promise to act on behalf of parents of autistic children.

See proposed policies  February 23, 2007

Advocating throughout the province

Richmond Hill

Queen's Park


Summer camp



October 6, 2006

Frank Klees will be attending the opening of their new office at Spirit of Life, Richmond Hill

Spirit of Life

The Ontario Trillium Foundation will present a grant for $152,600.00 over three years to improve services in York Region to Chinese-Canadian children with developmental disabilities.

Klees Joins Autism Awareness Rally, Richmond Hill Sept 19, 2005 click here


Watch Video: Frank Klees, speaks at Autism Rally, Queen's Park September 26, 2006

Advocating for Autism Services in Legislature first piece of business in the fall 2006

See press release September 26, 2006

Education Statue Law Amendament Act debate June 12, 2006

The Kennedy Legacy April 5, 2006

Frank Klees, MPP continues to advocate for autism funding. December 13, 2005


Families across the province gathered in front of the Legislature today December 5, 2005 to send the Premier a message. Once again Mr. Klees has asked the Premier to keep his promise.  The following is the Hansard record of the question and the Premier's response.

Autism Treatment

Frank Klees made the following statement in the legislature

November 3rd 2005 regarding Autism services

Klees presents PETITION on behalf of thousands of parents

October 18, 2005 click here

Education Funding and Autism in the Provincial Budget

Klees, May 17, 2005 Statement

Question to the Premier May 2, 2005

Klees Calls On Premier to Keep Autism Promise April 27, 2005

Klees: Premier's Judgement Morally Bankrupt April 21, 2005

Frank Klees made the following statements in the legislature: April 7, 2005

Frank Klees made the following statements in the legislature: April 6, 2005


January 29, 2007

P.C. Education Critic Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges, will be in Sudbury , Ontario today to meet with parents of autistic children and with representatives of the Rainbow District School Board to discuss Special Education issues regarding children with autism.

Among those Mr. Klees will meet with are: Jean Hanson, Director of Education, Norm Blaseg, Superintendent of Special Education, Rita Della Vedova, Principal of Special Education and Brenda Dumontelle, Special Needs Training and Program Office.

Mr. Klees will next visit a number of Sudbury schools.


The Liberal articles by Chris Traber

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Dennis Lendrum

"The one Provincial Politician who did respond and has kept us up to date as to what is going on at the Provincial table (re: Autism) is: Frank Klees MPP of Richmond Hill, Ont.

We would like to thank him and his staff for all their efforts to keep Autism on the Provincial Governments table and keeping us informed." Dennis and Wendy Lendrum August 16, 2006 Letter to the Editor

Woodland Development Centre

This facility was visited by Mr. Klees and MPP Julia Munro on Sept. 26, 2005 as part of their research into autism and special needs treatment. The visit to Woodlands was recommended by Susan and Dan Fentie, of Sarnia who are parents personally familiar with the challenges of autism.

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July 6 2009

Dear Mr. Klees,
I just want to thank you for your public support for families with autism - a few weeks ago I had a chance to listen to your responses on TVO's Agenda program.
I am a parent of a nine year old daughter with a diagnosis of autism and I want you to know that your support  does not go unnoticed, parents are  well aware of the efforts that you have made to attend autism events and promote awareness of this issue- we all appreciate your help!
Sincere thanks,
Lisa P.