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Developmental Disabilities


Photo Card ID Delay Inexcusable Oct 18 2010

The Photo Card Act was passed in Nov 2008 but there is still no sign that the government is even close to making it avaible

Bill 83 Protecting Vulnerable People Against Picketing Act.

This bill deals with the issue of picketing homes of people who have an intellectual disability as a result of labour actions. May 31, 2010

Letter of gratitude from Karen Gledhill, Community Living Ontario

Klees Debates Bill 77

Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act

Hansard September 30, 2008

Passport Funding:

“How can you justify, on the one hand, calling on your federal colleagues to be fair when it comes to funding and yet turn your back on people within our province?” said Klees.  “How can you stand in your place and pretend that you’re doing something by bringing forward legislation that in the final analysis will not make any difference in the lives of real people in our communities?” Press release and video

Special Services at Home: "

"I am told that there has been no funding available for families needing respite services since January 2008."..."On behalf of my constituents, I would ask you to initiate an immediate review of the special services at home program and funding available to residents of York Region."


Frank Klees Stands up for ODSP Receipients on issues

Meeting with Minister May 17, 2006 Standing Committee on Estimates
Special Diet Allowance

Board and Lodging VS Rentor


March 29, 2007

On behalf of The Provincial Network on Developmental Services, representing over 250 service agencies in the developmental services sector in Ontario, I am writing to thank you for the support that you showed to our sector leading up to the 2007 Provincial Budget. Through your support for the needs of people with developmental disabilities, the individuals and families who rely on Ontario 's developmental services sector will receive more of the supports they need.


By lending your voice in support of the sector, you have greatly assisted the many families, individuals and agencies that depend on government funding to respond to their critical needs.


Geoff McMullen


Provincial Network on Developmental Services

Community Living and myself would like to extend our deepest thanks to you. We have always received tremendous support from you and look forward to continuing this partnership. 

Cheri Evans


"Appetite for Awareness"

Lunching with Frank Klees is

Cheri Evans, Mike Claremont,


Frank Klees attends an Official House Warming for members of Community Living to celebrate the first year that these individuals have been in their own home 2005