Frank Klees


Thank you letter from Joyce Thompson

"Congratulations Everyone:
All your hard work has made a difference!

MCSS now understands the messages you have sent to them through letters, talking to your MPP, going to Queen's Park, OHRC, Media Coverage, etc.

Some of the details of the news are yet to be announced/developed.
BUT MCSS has said:
- it is important to have access 24/7,
- improved/more training for Intervenors,
- more Intervenors, and
- there will be more money to pay for these changes

MCSS and Service providers are working together on how to do it. You will hear more as the agreements/contracts with the service providers are made. The money needed to do these things has been announced - there will be more services!!! : ) : ) : )

It took a while but without your efforts it would not have happened.

To the individuals who I have worked with:
Thank you for all your hard work! You proved that YOU can make a difference by speaking up about your needs. I am very proud of you.

To ALL the wonderful people that helped us get the messages to MCSS so they could understand the needs of persons who are deaf-blind.

A very big THANK YOU!
We could not have done it without YOUR expertise and time that you donated to getting our messages out:

  • David Young for your dedication, expertise, time and advice;
  • Frank Klees for challenging Minister Pupatello to meet with us;
  • Minister Pupatello for listening and meeting with us;
  • Frank Biss for organizing the visit to Queen's Park, advice and developing  Press Releases;
  • All the Intervenors who donated their time;
  • The Ryerson students for producing 'The Seeing Hand' DVD;
  • MIJO Corp. for editing, adding sub-titles & closed captions; labels, credits, copying at a reasonable price;
  • Sandy Naiman for the wonderful coverage in the Toronto SUN;
  • YRN -Thornhill Liberal for the great article by Lisa Queen and photographer - Steve Somerville;
  • Margaret Philp for the initial article in the Globe and Mail;
  • CBC Radio One - Andy Barrie for Interviewing David Young and Elio;
  • Kelly Pollock for Intervenor services and advice;
  • Gary Malkowski for all his support and advice;
  • Shirley Cassells for interpreting & supplying Intervenors on short notice;
  • Rotary Cheshire for ALL their support, help and use of their space;
  • CHKC for awareness coverage in their Newsletters; meeting space, Board of Directors' support;
  • and for all others who helped in some way over the past 2 years or more.
Thank you for helping to get the improvements that are about to come.

There always will be much more to do. Example: - help others who do not know about services for persons who are deaf-blind; help others to understand how to use the services. Tell your stories to help individuals learn what a difference Intervenor Services has made in your life so that they too can see Intervenor Services means Freedom, Independence and Improved Quality of Life.

You have been a great group to work with.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,"

Joyce Thompson

Frank Klees advocates for the

Deaf-Blind community


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